These are the apps I have developed myself or have been heavily involved in their development.

Aqarmap iOS App

Developed the app from scratch. Tested it, and published to the store. Currently another team member is continuing the development.

Dynatrace Mobile App
  • I had to refactor most of the app to use the latest swift features.
  • Migrated it to using storyboards instead of programmatically created views.
  • Maintaining it and working on new features.
Qibla AR

Augmented Reality / Virtual reality app for finding the muslim qibla.

English - Arabic - English Dictionary

iPhone/iPad arabic-english-arabic dictionary with several more features. Check the link for details!

I developed the app from scratch. This app used sqlite for storing the language DB. Last version I released was 2.0 on iOS 6.

Color Messages

This is an app that enables you to send customised and colourful messages. Choose from different backgrounds, fonts, and effects. I have developed this app from scratch.

Ela Salaty

Muslim Prayer Times & Qibla Direction. I was the project manager. And the Qibla finding component was developed by me originally for QiblaAR and then reused here.

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