Apple lost direction after Steve Jobs! Valuing Form over Function


Apple used to mean cutting edge design + the best usability. Nowadays, they do a function-follows-form approach. Their obsession with making everything thinner has started with the removal of the CD ROM, and reached the removal of useful features like MagSafe on MB’s and the headphone jack on iPhones. They make life more difficult and make usability worse just to look better.

And what's that with the location of the new Magic Mouse charging port?

Didn't anyone actually think about that?? Or was the main and sole purpose to hide the charging port? Could they not have not like any normal mouse? The way everyone has been doing it for years? Like this for example? So that we can actually use it while charging?


Apple used to be the powerhouse of innovation. Nowadays they don't really innovate! They do just enough to keep relevant. They don't lead anymore. They follow. And not even their old copy but make it better approach. But just copy!

Quality & Reliability

One of the best Apple features was always quality and reliability. The devices just worked. No fuss. No drivers. No problems.

Not the case anymore. I have a 2010 MacBook Pro 17″ (personal) and a 2017 MacBook Pro 15″ with touch bar (work). And the newer MBP has all sorts of problems. Bluetooth hanging. Bluetooth audio intermittently cutting. Randomly electrocuting me. The new Mac didn't come with MagSafe anymore. Nor did it come with the charger extension cable. And has no useful ports without a load of adapters. Running both my older Mac and the newer one simultaneously makes me realise how much went wrong. I’d never buy the newer MBP for myself. And I’d never replace mine with one of those.


Having said all that. I am still an Apple fan. I think they make amazing products. But the number of gripes and compromises they do is too much. But they are not coasting on their earlier momentum in my humble option. Come one Apple. Lead the innovation bandwagon again.

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