How to build your iOS apps on your device wirelessly

The usual way to build via Xcode is simply connect your device, have Xcode perform its magic of copying symbols while preparing for development, then build. But very often it would happen to me, that I need to test something quickly but I cant find my cable. In this case, I’d either just content myself with the simulator, or get move my lazy self to find it. But what if I told you there’s an easier way?

Several years ago, I used to build wirelessly on my devices. Then it no longer was the default. I never really looked for it till I stumbled upon it not so long ago. And since this is quite useful when you don’t have a cable at hand, I decided to share it, maybe it’ll help someone out there.

The next time you connect your device to Xcode, open the Devices and Simulators window

Choose your connected device then check Connect via network

Devices and Simulators window Xcode

That’s it. Henceforth whenever your development machine and your device are on the same network, you will see it in the Build designation menu as if it is connected via cable. Just make sure the device is unlocked while you’re building on it wirelessly.

Remember though, then whenever you update Xcode or your iOS, you’ll need to reattach it via cable and enable it again. Because Xcode will need to copy the new iOS symbols from the device and prepare it for development. Which I assume cannot be done wirelessly on account of speed.

Hope someone out there finds this useful.

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