One more Apple Rant – iOS 11 Landscape Keyboard

So its no secret I am a huge Apple fan. I've been using Apple products exclusively for more than 10 years now. But I've been feeling they are losing direction. Favoring form over function too much. I have even ranted about it on Quora. But I am getting more and more frustrated with Apple. Thanks to their very latest "feature", I'm getting even more frustrated.

See this? This is how the landscape keyboard was in iOS 10. It was very functional. It made landscape typing worthwhile.

Apple Landscape keyboard on iPhone 7+ iOS 10


Now see this? This is the "new" landscape keyboard. They removed all the features tat made it useful. All the extra function keys have been removed!

New iOS 11 Landscape keyboard

Now why would they do that?? My only guess is that the older keyboard somehow overlapped with their brilliant "notch" on the new iPhone X. So they said, what the heck, lets just remove the functionality for everyone!

iPhone X - Image Credit

Not cool Apple. You're better than this.

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  1. intrautarchy
    December 11, 2017

    Couldn’t agree more regarding the deprecated keyboard functionality. Now, no OS has those functions available in a useful manner. Contextual buttons will always trump gestures. Cognitive load bad. Contextual buttons good.


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